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Thursday, December 4, 2014


Ahead of schedule and just in time for back to school in September, the last phase of construction at Grace Adam Metawewinihk Park was finished.
The most anticipated part of this was the basketball court, which was put into use immediately! Basketball is the #1 sport at Pleasant Hill Village, and it takes different forms-- in the St. Mary’s school gym both during the schoolday and with older youths and adults in the evening-- and now, outdoors in the park.
Another much loved park feature is the new community garden, with individual plots administered by partner CHEP Good Food. It opened just-in-time in June to produce its first crop by September.
Next to the new turf in the park field, there’s new furniture for both active and passive recreation. Benches to sit on and soak up the sun, and a skateboard rail and funbox to do the latest jumps and flips on.
Stay tuned for an update on planning the new housing developments that will face onto the park...