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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

latest progress

Well, 2013 opened with a final sale and another family taking up residence in Pleasant Hill Village!

We had a concrete swale constructed at the back of the townhouses in the Pleasant Hill Solar Village, in the north side yard adjacent to Columbian Place. It successfully diverts water away from the parking lot, and cuts beneath the sidewalk at Avenue N.

Swale January 2013
Swale October 2012


The bus layby at St. Mary's Wellness and Education Centre on Avenue N is complete and there is now much needed traffic calming in place at the school zone.


The construction fencing and landscape fencing around the school is coming down and opening up the linkages from the school to the park and adjacent stacked townhouses at Parkview Green.

The loading zone and disabled persons parking zones are now in place at Columbian Place.

 The fence parallel to Columbian Place on the west side of the property and the Sasktel pole (pictured below) will be relocated to make way for the cul-de-sac and associated right of way. The new fence line will be flush with the building.

Later this Spring, we will see more construction taking place as the progress continues! Infrastructure Services expects to complete the cul-de-sacs on 19th St.W. and Columbian Place and have the storm and sewer infrastructure in place by June this year. At this point, Parks will continue with the design and implentation of the final phase of Grace Adam Park!