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Monday, March 3, 2014


Exciting News!

The Pleasant Hill Village Redevelopment Plan has met another milestone by selling out our last City-owned condominium unit in the Pleasant Hill Village.

The City outlined some of the history of this process in a recent Public Service Announcement.
I have added some excerpts from that announcement below:

"The Pleasant Hill Village Project includes two separate developments with a total of 36 units.  As part of an agreement to attract developers to participate, the City agreed to purchase any unsold units."

"During its May 28, 2012 meeting, City Council adopted a new 9.99 Percent Sales Incentive  Grant funded from the Affordable Housing Reserve and a five-year property tax abatement for the project.  The adopted sales incentive grant and the property tax abatement have been instrumental in closing sales of 14 units since June 2012.

Since the Pleasant Hill Village project started in 2006, a main objective was to offer home ownership opportunities in a neighbourhood where rental occupancy rates were high.  Pleasant Hill Village is intended to attract families who want to live in a new home, in a community with a new school and wellness centre, daycare, and surrounded by a new park space, playgrounds, soccer fields, and a new seniors’ residence.

The Pleasant Hill Village Redevelopment Project will continue in 2014, with the release of three more sites for development.  The entire project is expected to be completed in 2015."

The 3 new sites for development will be Parcels A, C and F as shown above. Some small changes are proposed to these sites and the sites are currently being updated to continue the implementation of the Pleasant Hill Village Enhanced Concept Plan as intended.

The 2 sites labeled Parcels A & C are intended to be developed as condos aimed at ownership, while Parcel F is intended for a mixed use development that may include a residential component.

I look forward to continuing to work with the Community on this project. We have had a lot of input from the public through the Community Association and different groups associated with both Pleasant Hill School and St. Mary's School. If you feel you have any ideas or concerns feel free to share them with me, Keith Folkersen, by email through or by calling (306) 657-8779.