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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Direct Sale Approved

On November 30, 2009, City Council approved a direct sale of land in the Pleasant Hill Village area to K.C. Charities. The land makes up most of the area required for the development on Parcel E. Parcel E on the concept plan is intended as a high density multiple unit dwelling. K.C. Charities plans to construct a 72 unit seniors' complex.

The City has yet to add one more piece of land to complete the assembly of Parcel E. This is expected to occur in 2010. If all goes according to plan, K.C. Charities would like to begin construction in mid to late 2010.

Council Adopts Enhanced Concept Plan

On November 30, 2009, City Council adopted an enhanced concept plan for Pleasant Hill Village. The enhanced plan now includes the land purchased by the City from Olfert Trucking and Jack Grover. The plan adds almost 2.4 acres of land to the revitalization project. The enhanced concept was developed with the input of the Pleasant Hill Community Review Committee. Features include a new greenspace linkage at Avenue P, a 30 meter buffer along the CPR mainline, a new development parcel (Parcel F) and an upgraded paved laneway between Parcel D and the CUMFI apartments. Parcel F is expected to yield approximately 30 new dwelling units.