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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Decks on Cenith Solar Village and getting ready for the New Year!

Greetings from the City of Saskatoon!

My name is Keith Folkersen and I have started to take over some of the responsibilities for the Pleasant Hill Village Redevelopment! Nikki Newenham-Kahindi has left on Maternity leave and we would like to thank her for her hard work for the Pleasant Hill Community!

Construction has begun on the decks at the Cenith Solar Village and the Park Redevelopment.
The implementation of the Pleasant Hill Village Enhanced Concept Plan is ongoing and soon we will look to bring a draft Request for Proposal (RFP) to the Community to ensure we are still working towards the same goals.

Technical issues to implement the plan such as a new plan of proposed subdivision and a rezoning and concept plan amendment are all under way. These plans are all working to implement the original plan for the community. Most of these steps are to correct for the new location of St. Mary's School, the Park and other features that have been part of the areas redevelopment.

I look forward to being able to reveal more great community news to you soon!

Keith Folkersen
City of Saskatoon
Planning and Development

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Moving along...

If you have not been in Pleasant Hill for a few weeks, it is certainly worth a visit! The progress on the cul-de-sac construction is immense. I took some photos while I was out on site this morning.

The 19th St. W cul-de-sac (pictured above) is nearing completion, with the sidewalks and curbing poured and the ground prepared for base gravel and asphalt.


I took this photo while standing the 19th St W cul-de-sac, looking north. You can just make out Columbian Place, the new seniors' residence, in the background of the picture. It is not hard to imagine the fantastic park space that will soon be created in this very space. Those trees that are healthy enough to preserve are protected, as you can see in the above pictures, with wooden stakes forming tree guards.

The above picture is taken looking south, from the new cul-de-sac at Columbian Place, just off 20th St. with the new St. Mary's Wellness and Education Centre in the background. The view in this picture illustrates the sharp grade differences within this site. Careful grading and landscaping of the enhanced park space will properly drain water to the catchbasin southeast of the area pictured in the above photograph. The final details in the design of Phase II Grace Adam Park are coming together. The tender will close in late June, and construction is due to commence, on schedule, in July!

SaskEnergy needs to bury the gas line a little deeper than it is currently located, so construction on this cul-de-sac at Columbian Place will halt for the next few weeks until their work has been completed and it is safe to resume construction. The construction crew will focus their efforts on completing the 19th St. W cul-de-sac and come back to Columbian Place in due course.

Some of the ASL crew were hard at work this morning. They were clearly enjoying their work and taking pride in their progress. Thanks ASL, the work is coming along very nicely indeed!

Other things to watch for this summer include decks at the townhouses in the Pleasant Hill Solar Village and the neighbourhood entrance sign in the southwest corner of the project area, just north of the railway tracks. To be continued...

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Another two sales in the Pleasant Hill Solar Village, the snow has melted and construction is well underway at Columbian Place and 19th St!

It is happening now and so far things are on track and progressing smoothly. Currently the storm and sewer infrastructure is being laid, following which the cul-de-sacs will be created. The Saskatoon Light and Power pole has been relocated as required to accommodate the construction, and the fence at Columbian Place is also being relocated for the same reasons. We will see some of the overhead wiring buried too. There will be much to report over the next couple of months, so I will be providing more regular updates.

Take a look at the show suite in Parkview Green too! This unit has an amazing view of the new park area, the school and the tot lot!  

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Is Spring here yet?

Well, yet another sale and occupancy in Pleasant Hill Village in March and ongoing behind-the-scenes work are contributing to the progress of this exciting and unique project!

When Spring finally does arrive, we will see the construction taking place on the new cul-de-sacs at Columbian Place and 19th St. W. There is a Saskatoon Light and Power pole that will be relocated to accommodate the cul-de-sac at Columbian Place, and the portion of the fence that is parallel to Columbian Place (formerly Ave O) will be moved back, to be flush with the seniors' building, again to accommodate the new cul-de-sac.

Also in Spring/ Summer this year, we will see lots of progress on the expansion and enhancement of the Grace Adam Park and the installation of a neighbourhood entrance sign at Avenue P, just north of the railway tracks. This will be an attractive feature announcing entry to a residential neighbourhood and the sign will incorporate the red bricks that were purposely salvaged from the old St. Mary's school building.

New decks will be installed at the Pleasant Hill Solar Village and create functional private space for residents to enjoy the view of the park and have friends over for a barbeque. These decks will go over the swale to provide a more usable and attractive private yard for residents in the north/ south building, backing Columbian Place.

Let us hope that the snow melts and the ground thaws soon! We have lots of work to do! Watch this space :-)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

latest progress

Well, 2013 opened with a final sale and another family taking up residence in Pleasant Hill Village!

We had a concrete swale constructed at the back of the townhouses in the Pleasant Hill Solar Village, in the north side yard adjacent to Columbian Place. It successfully diverts water away from the parking lot, and cuts beneath the sidewalk at Avenue N.

Swale January 2013
Swale October 2012


The bus layby at St. Mary's Wellness and Education Centre on Avenue N is complete and there is now much needed traffic calming in place at the school zone.


The construction fencing and landscape fencing around the school is coming down and opening up the linkages from the school to the park and adjacent stacked townhouses at Parkview Green.

The loading zone and disabled persons parking zones are now in place at Columbian Place.

 The fence parallel to Columbian Place on the west side of the property and the Sasktel pole (pictured below) will be relocated to make way for the cul-de-sac and associated right of way. The new fence line will be flush with the building.

Later this Spring, we will see more construction taking place as the progress continues! Infrastructure Services expects to complete the cul-de-sacs on 19th St.W. and Columbian Place and have the storm and sewer infrastructure in place by June this year. At this point, Parks will continue with the design and implentation of the final phase of Grace Adam Park!